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    Why it works

    PRN‚ Dry Eye Omega Benefits products contain 2240mg of EPA/DHA in the re-esterified form (rTG). Studies show that this formulation:

    • Significantly improves occasional dry eye discomforts such as grittiness, dryness, and burning*
    • Improves tear film quality, contributing to overall eye comfort and stable vision*
    • Ensures tears are healthy as part of creating a healthy surface for surgery
    • Provides critical nutrition to produce healthy, soothing tears
    • Can produce optimal levels of omega-3s in 90 days

    How it works

    Omega-3 deficient glands become inflamed and clogged which accelerates tear evaporation and dryness due to missing oil.

    After an initial 90 days of proper Omega-3 nutrition, followed by long term use, healthy tear film is restored along with normalized oil glands.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why can I buy fish oil over the counter?

    A: Many store-bought omega-3s are in a synthetic (ester) or unpurified form, which is difficult to absorb and leaves a fishy odor/aftertaste. PRN Omega-3s are in
    an ultra-purified triglyceride (rTG) form, which is a similar form to a piece of fish, but without the impurities. This form is easier for your body to absorb and
    micro-distilled to remove contaminants like PCBs, lead, mercury and more. PRN omega-3s are manufactured in a NSF and cGMP facility.

    Q: When will I see an effect?

    A: It will take about 60-90 days for the Omega-3s to become fully saturated on a cellular level and therefore, to notice a difference. You may not notice the
    improvement taking place inside your body, but improvement can be measured by your doctor.

    Q: Are there any side effects when taking this product?

    A: PRN Omega-3s are clinically tested, safe and effective. Your body will recognize it just as if you were eating a piece of fish.

    Q: Why can I just eat fish?

    A: The American Heart Association and the American Cardiology Association recommend 2-3 grams of omega-3s daily (EPA+DHA). Taking 3 soft gels of PRN
    Omega-3s each day for a week is equivalent to eating 37 cans of tuna. Eating this much fish may cause an increased risk for mercury poisoning. Other fish that
    can be purchased in the stores are mostly farm raised which have little Omega-3s or wild caught which are optimal but are contaminated with harmful PCBs,
    dioxins, mercury, etc.

    Q: Why not Flaxseed?

    A: Flaxseed contains the plant source of Omega-3, also known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is less easy to absorb and less effective in the body. Marine
    based Omega-3s have been shown to be more absorbable which provides a systemic benefit. Flaxseed oil will have little to no effect.*

    Q: I am a small person, why do I need the same amount of pills as a larger person?

    A: Body weight does not have a direct correlation on Omega-3 saturation. The amount of omega-6s within the diet is the competing factor for Omega-3 saturation.
    These Omega-3s are in a purified triglyceride form ‚the same form you ingest when you eat fish.